Blended ECoC Greenfluencer pilot course (national level) – Autumn/Winter 2023

Following the MOOC course development, the Blended ECoC Greenfluencer pilot courses started in 2023 September (blended learning: online lessons and offline classroom lessons) at national level at all partner universities. Each university had different courses, UP created a new, WUT, VMU integrated into their existing electives and UT opened the MOOC for those who wanted to take up and had a course where it was integrated for students. More than 100 students were involved. During the autumn semester the course was managed and mentored by a main lecturer there were and invited co-lecturers. In the first part student did the MOOC piloting. In the second part of the course students had individual, pair and group work according to the syllabus mentored and facilitated by the main lecturer. Students were awarded national university credits or ECTS (optional).

4th Transnational Project Meeting in Timisoara – November 2024

The fourth personal transnational project meeting took place on November 7, 2023, organized in Timisoara, Romania, by the West University of Timisoara. Representatives from all partner institutions were present, including the University of Pannonia (Hungary), Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), University of Tartu (Estonia), and Militos Consulting S.A. (Greece). During the meeting, participants from five different countries discussed various topics including financial matters, dissemination strategies, Q&A sessions, and project management issues. There was a particular focus on reviewing the overall project progress and key milestones, with special attention given to the implementation of the Blended ECoC Greenfluencer national pilot course. Additionally, discussions focused on preparations for upcoming Local ECoC GreenCool events, the International pilot course, the Tartu Meet-UP activity, and the development of the Open Platform.

Local ECoC GreenCool events – Winter 2023

The outcome of the Blended ECoC Greenfluencer pilot course was a participation in an ECoC event/festival in November-December 2023, where students tried and tested their knowledge and influence audience offline in ECoC cities. During the local events each university partner with the help of the associate partners conducted a survey (developed by MILITOS) among the target groups. Using the feedback of surveys, the research results and the experiences gained from course curriculum the experts will fine-tune the MOOC material.

• GreenCool ECoC Event in Tartu

The Tartu ECoC event on December 8, 2023 aimed to introduce the GreenCool project and explore communication strategies for green topics. Three diverse organizations were selected for the event, offering participants a journey-like experience. The first stop, Paranduskelder, focuses on repair and upcycling activities to instigate changes in habits and mindsets. At Tartu Environmental Education Centre, participants engaged in educational activities and provided feedback on exhibitions addressing climate change. The final destination, A. Le Coq, showcased sustainable practices in manufacturing and marketing. With 29 participants from varied backgrounds, including students from different Estonian schools, the event received positive feedback, reflecting a shared belief in the importance of youth in shaping a sustainable future.

• GreenCool ECoC Event in Timisoara

The Greencool ECoC multiplier event featured an audio-visual contest open to all university students, particularly emphasizing the Faculty of Political Sciences, Philosophy, and Communication Sciences. Running from November 17 to December 13, 2023, in Timisoara, the competition aimed to raise awareness of sustainability and ecological issues while developing video editing and communication skills. Students were encouraged to create short Instagram videos showcasing cultural events across Timisoara and Timis County, listed on the official agenda of Timisoara European Capital of Culture. Communication materials were subsequently shared on the dedicated Instagram page “Student eco in Timisoara,” which quickly amassed 116 followers and over 30,000 views. 55 participants took part in the Greencool event on December 13, 2023. Greenfluencer students presented their green messages orally, showcasing the diversity of backgrounds and fields of study among attendees.

• GreenCool ECoC Event in Kaunas

During the fall semester of 2023/2024, students from the Faculty of Bioeconomy Development enhanced their understanding of “Business Communication” and “Rhetoric and Communication” through the ECoC Greenfluencer pilot course. They also participated in the “Reflecting Land Art” event, which had two stages: walking lectures to engage with Land Art and a community event in Kaunas. Greenfluencer students documented their reflections on Land Art pieces encountered during the walking lectures, with examples displayed in an exhibition. For instance, one reflection described a Land Art piece as a “hurricane of desires,” depicting a tornado of branches without the use of adhesive materials, showcasing its resilience against wind.

• GreenCool ECoC Event in Veszprém

The GreenCool event in Veszprém, held on November 28, 2023, at the FOTON Audiovisual Centre, was highly successful, attracting over 50 participants in addition to students. The program featured engaging presentations and artistic installations on various environmental topics by Greenfluencer students from the University of Pannonia, fostering meaningful discussions among attendees of all ages. Notably, there was an insightful discussion with the creators of the documentary “There is no Planet B,” which is part of the MOOC material. The event also included student presentations and displays, followed by networking sessions and a screening of the documentary, culminating in a roundtable discussion.

Open Interactive Online Platform 2023/2024

We are happy to announce that Militos has developed the GreenCool Open Interactive Online Platform, which is under continuous improvement and fine-tuning by the IT developers and the GreenCool consortium (https://training.greencoolproject.eu). The Platform can be of great value to individuals, organisations and actors in the public, the private and third sector of economy, environmental and communication education providers, and anyone aspired to create environment protection awareness.


Blended ECoC Greenfluencer pilot course (international level) – Spring/Summer 2024

We have commenced preparations for the upcoming international Blended ECoC Greenfluencer course, scheduled from February to June 2024. This course will adopt a blended learning approach, combining online and offline classroom sessions, and will be implemented across all partner universities using enhanced MOOC materials. These materials have been refined based on feedback from lecturers, students, and attendees of ECoC events. The course will be conducted in English and will feature a diverse group of international students.
“Greenfluencer: innovative green communication”, a free online course for young adults interested in sustainability and different communication tools, is officially certified by the University of Tartu (https://ut.ee/et/moocs). Registration for MOOC here. >>>

The top four students and two lecturers from each university will have the opportunity to attend the final GreenCool ECoC event in Tartu, titled the International GreenCool Meet-Up, in the first week of July 2024.
Following the course, stakeholders including lecturers and ECoC experts will sum up the experiences of the international course in the frames of an online workshop, and summarize them in a guideline.


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